Thermal Inkjet (TIJ) Printer

S-Jet 600 TIJ 2.5 Industrial Digital Ink Jet Printers

  • Easy to use, no mess and zero maintenance
  • Connect via TCPIP (internet), USB, Ethernet cable, WIFI, Bluetooth
  • Create, save, edit & print from your PC using Nicelabel, Bartender etc.
  • Use external protocol to communicate & print from client PC, ERP etc...
  • Print from printer resident or offlineclient databases Full GS1 data support
  • Connect and print data from External Serial Devices (barcode reader, weigh scale, magnetic card reader etc...)

Print Features & Specification
Function Specification
Print technology HP TIJ 2.5
Printer variants Options of 1 to 12 pen printer systems
Number of print lines 1 to 6 lines per pen depending on selected font
Print quality/resolution Up to 600 dpi
Print height per pen/cartridge up to 12.7 mm
Maximum height capability Up to 150 mm
Print speed up to 300 m/min (500ft/min or 5m/s)
Throw distance Up to 8 mm
Fonts Windows true fonts
Print types Texts, logos, images, full range of 1D, 2D barcodes
Print features Counters, real time date and time stamps, user codes, shift codes, lot numbers
Label objects orientation, anchoring, justification
Invert, reverse,
Print from residents or remote offline client standard & GS1 databases
Print mode selections Standard printing mode (external shaft encoder and external product sensor)
Simulated continuous printing mode with automatic (software) internally generated shaft encoder and product sensor signals
internal Shaft encoder Standard printing mode with external product sensor
Repeat printing Mode
Track & Trace with camera vision and product reject mechanism printing mode
External Serial Devices printing mode (weighscale, barcoder reader, Magnetic Card Reader etc..)
Windows driver printing mode (remote off line label creation and printing using
Nicelabel, Bartender etc..) Via TCP/IP (internet), Ethernet cable or wifi.
External protocol printing mode for printer integration with customer Production IT system such ERP


Ease of Use
Function Specification
User interface 10.4” capacitive IPS touch screen
Languages English, Spanish, Chinese, French, German, Russian, Polish, Turkish, Arabic, Portu- guese.. Korean, can easily add any other language
Security Multiple password levels and user privileges set up for security purposes
Label creation, editing & saving Easy to use and powerful template design using controller touch screen or offline PC
Windows Driver allows off line remote label Creation, editing, saving and printing us- ing Nicelabel or Bartender software installed on client PC
Diagnostics Printer “health” recording, storage, report creation & display
Printer set up and configuration Icon based Institutive printer configuration


Ease of Integration
Function Specification
I/O's 16 off I/O's
2 x PEC; 2 x shaft encoders; 2 x warning lights; 2 x relays; 2 x cameras; 4 printheads USB; Ethernet, Bluetooth
Internet/network connections & communications Generate labels offline on client PC then print via TCP/IP, Connect via Ethernet cable or wifi
Remote printing and factory inte- gration External protocol for controlling, communicating and printing from remote client pc or production management systems such as ERP via Ethernet cable, TCP/IP, wifi
Windows Printer Driver To allow networking of printer and ability to communicate and print from windows based software apps
Nicelabel &
Generates and print templates from powerful label generation software such as
Nicelabel & Bartender installed in Sellenis controller or offline in customers PC then use Ethernet cable or wifi to send label to Sellenis' printers to be printed in real time via TCP/IP.
Connections to external serial de- vices Connect, receive and print data from external serial devices such as barcode readers, weigh scales, magnetic card readers or any other external serial device using USB or RS232
Use barcode scanner for ease of use, error free data entry to print from offline cus-
tomer's database
Camera Vision System GS1
Track & Trace
Connect, receive and send commands to camera vision system such as Cognex camer- as for use with Read, Print, Verify, Reject and generate report for the purpose of Track and Trace implementation
In conjunction with camera vision print from remote customer database unique serial number and full GS1 data barcodes


Function Specification
Read & write to cartridge smart card Automatic recognition of cartridge ink type, ink level and remaining number of prints
Ink level & print data display Automatic real time live display of ink level, used ink, ink remaining and print data
Ink range Solvent based
Aqueous/water based
Pigment & dye based
Invisible UV inks
UV curing inks
Black and colours
Substrates Print on paper, wood, plastics and metals